[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Model Thesis Statement Might

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Model Thesis Statement Might


As we start week 6, let us first review some of the key tools we’ve shared so far:

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MEAL plan –the paragraph plan we use to outline and organize our body paragraphsLinks to an external site.

Signal phrases–those phrases that ‘signal’ a source is being used in the ‘evidence’ space of a body paragraph–or in the intro and conclusion Links to an external site.

Color-coding on the MEAL Plan–using colors to mark the main idea / cited evidence or examples / analysis to see where to revise as needed.

Now, as we think about cause and effect for our formal assignment s, let us pause as a Team to think about the cause and effect of trying the new tools and writing process we’ve been sharing this term, Team!

For this discussion posting, please share a reflection on how your academic writing process is progressing by citing and discussing the specific methods listed above. Remember: construct your paragraphs on the MEAL Plan. 

My advice: pick 3 ideas you plan to carry forward in future classes. And note that some paragraphs might have cited evidence, like links to the tools, and others might have examples, like how you tried something and how it all worked or did not work and why.

That should tease out to three body paragraphs, and once you have those body paragraphs written, mine the main ideas to form that thesis, based on our basic format:

X is important because of main idea 1, 2, and 3.

So here, My writing process is growing becasue of….that’s how a model thesis statement might start…


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