[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Minimize Video Assignment 2

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Minimize Video Assignment 2


You MUST have downloaded SPSS prior to this assignment- don’t start that last minute as it may take some time. 

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Below is a helpful SPSS video (or actually a few videos) that will help you:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zFBUfZEBWQ&list=PLVI_iGT5ZuRkk2d-kePUmlIHD5pmOuquNLinks to an external site.
Minimize Video

Assignment 2 using SPSS

Number each step in your word document. This is due by 11/12 at 11:59pm. Make sure you have done each of the steps below and number them.  You may need to read ahead a bit.

1. In a Word document, list the research question you used in Assignment 1 (5 points). You SHOULD alter it if you were told there were errors or if it needed to be more specific, if you do not, you will lose 5 points.

2. Open SPSS and a blank sheet. Create 10 fake variables (go into Variable view- follow directions from our book and SPSS videos). The variables you enter and code should have relevance to the RQ you listed above. Make sure to include a variety of variable types for each of the statistical tests you will be running- categorical variables (such as Class Level- Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), a dichotomized variable (such as yes/no) and at least 2 continuous variables (these are raw numbers that are not categorized, such as age). Make sure you fill out all of the cells in the variable view page- label, values, etc. All columns should be filled in for each variable.  Everyone in class will have different variables because you all have different RQs (20 points for this total step).

Now switch to Data view and enter 20 fake cases of subjects (20 points for this step). Don’t keep using the same ones, there should be variability.

Take a screenshot of both the data view and variable view of cases you have entered (show all) into SPSS and the variables that you have coded (show all). This should only be two screen shots. Now paste the screen shots under Number 1 above, your RQ (10 points for this step). Make sure I can see all columns and cases in the screen shot. If you have room, widen the columns in the screenshot so I can read everything. 

3. Run the modes on the categorical and dichotomies you have added to your dataset. Cut and paste that table under the above screen shot (10 points for this step). Do not run the frequency tables for this or anything below. If you do, and/or if you include variables that are not only categorical or dichotomies you will lose 5 points for each. Do not include all variables, only the nominal level (-5 if you do).

4. Run the mean, median, standard deviation and variance for the continuous number variables. Cut and paste that table under the above (10 points). Do not include all variables, only the continuous (-5 if you do).

5. Choose any two continuous variables and run the correlation. Run a correlation scatterplot. Cut and paste that correlation table and scatterplot under the above (10 points).

6. In two sentences, explain the results from JUST the correlation test and what that means about the relationship between those variables. Be specific to the variables (10 points). What is the strength, direction and significance level of the correlation? 

7. Run any type of chart, graph etc. with any variables you have entered (make sure you use the correct chart or graph for the correct the of variable). Cut and paste that table under the above (5 points).


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