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During a recent presidential election there was an individual vying for the democratic nomination who believed in universal basic income. His name is Andrew Yang. While it might seem far fetched to some, universal basic income has been researched for over 50 years and various public and private entities have conducted their own experiments with this idea. 

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For the purposes of this assignment, students will research a universal basic income experiment in the United States; currently being implemented or historic. Students will discuss the experiment, utilizing their knowledge of liberal, conservative and progressive perspectives to help identify, discuss, and explain the pros and cons of the experiment. Students will identify the outcomes of the experiment. Students will also discuss if they believe the experiment could or could not be implemented within their own community. It is expected that students will identify and discuss the prevailing perspectives within their community and explain how these perspectives informed their decision.  

Responses should be a minimum of two-pages double spaced, written in MS Word, 12-point font, with proper grammar and editing. Responses will be evaluated on content as well as writing style so ensure a thorough, grammatically correct response. Responses will be submitted through Turnitin. 


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