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Discussion Question: After reading different theories of leadership in your book, what differences in leadership approach you have noticed between top executives (CEO, President, Vice-president) and first level supervisors ( manager, middle manager etc). (Ch: 5 & 6)

2nd Journal is required at the end of the week (Sunday: 11:59pm)

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By the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to define the following leadership theories: 

Play of Power & Politics in Organization 

(Northouse has discussed different type of Powers in Ch: 1)

Influencing Process

Positive and negative side of Power

During assigned weeks you will write a minimum of three paragraphs, 250 – 300 words each. There should be one paragraph, minimum, written for each aspect of the course: in-person, Canvas discussions, assignments/assessments, and course readings. These journals, while reflective in nature, should be clear and concise, as these will be used as reference points for you as you move through the Leadership program.  Think about the following when writing your journals:  

  • Readings or discussions that surprised you or changed an opinion you previously held  
  • Connections you made to your personal and professional life  
  • What are leadership models I value and identify with?  
  • What strengths do I have that will help facilitate my development as a leader?  
  • How do others model leadership skills? How do I model these?

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