[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Maya Angelou Creating

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Maya Angelou Creating

Topic One: Literature Resources for this Unit:

  • Hemingway weaves a tale that moves through a complete plot mapping in five pages, creating tension and full conflict. The tone is unmistakably strained and very indicative of the world of the American expatriates, in which Hemingway lived.
    • Hemingway, E. (1927) Hills like white elephants. Gvsd.org
  • A unit on tone and imagery is the perfect place for poetry, and no one does poetry quite as well as the fabulous Maya Angelou. Skoll.org offers this rendition of Angelou’s “Still I Rise” with poignant pictures and new stories and reciting by Angelou herself.

Watch VideoStill I Rise by Maya Angelou — Creating Common Ground #SkollWF 2017Duration: 3:40

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  • Robert Frost was famous for addressing everyday life in his poetry. “Out, Out—” is a grim look at “human helplessness in an indifferent universe.” For a more in-depth look at the allusions in the poem, feel free to explore the references to Macbeth in the poem.
    • Frost, R. (1916). Out, out—. Poetry Foundation.

Topic Two: How to write a response poem to a painting or photograph: In the following sections, you will find some basic information about Style, Tone, and Imagery. These are the devices that set stories apart from each other and create the emotion of the story. Please be sure to read these resources, as you will need them to complete both the Discussion Board and the Literary Response for this unit. 

  • “George the Poet” takes his viewers on his journey of creating poetry to a photograph on the Tate museum:

Watch VideoGeorge the Poet Inspired by Paul GrahamDuration: 4:08

User: n/a – Added: 10/3/13YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsdWvHKKSlE You can review these two articles focusing on tone and imagery, both elemenets that contribute to the overall message of a work of literature:

  • Tone. (2021). Literary Devices.
  • Imagery. (2021). Literary Devices.

Topic Three: Persuasive Writing Tips:In the next few units, you will be working towards both a Research Essay and an Argumentative Essay. Begin reviewing these tips on how to persuade others in essay format of your opinion. Watch VideoOpinion essay or persuasive essayDuration: 5:42

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