[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Many Developmental Disabilities Cause

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Many Developmental Disabilities Cause


Since young children are not reliable with answering verbal questions, it is often up to the adults (either caregivers or professionals) to notice behaviors that may indicate a visual impairment. Some of these behaviors are not looking at faces, not looking at toys, frequently bumping into obstacles or not moving out of the way of an obstacle, and can a child visually fixate on a moving object of interest. If the child is not doing some or any of these things, it is definitely time to evaluate their vision for a potential impairment (Salati et al., 2001). If an infant has a visual impairment as well as another disability, they may face additional challenges in their lives. It can be more difficult for them to get glasses that are the correct prescription due to them possibly not being able to understand the testing involved. If they have a sensory processing problem or an ASD diagnosis, it might be very challenging for them to do the testing with the bright lights, equipment close to their face, and an unfamiliar environment. Many developmental disabilities cause potential vision impairment which means that a larger portion of the disabled population may need these services, but it is unknown to the adults in their lives because they cannot express themselves or they are unable to sit through the testing successfully.  

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