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To reinforce the core concepts related to the subject, the instructor will provide a topic related to change management in Week 1/ Week 2. The students will have to search for academic articles related to the topic and write a research paper. The aim of this assignment is to develop an in-depth understanding of a topic related to change management, by examining the latest academic articles, and other relevant content related to the course.

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The research paper will help students gain an in-depth understanding of one key change management concepts. This is an individual assignment, and the students will be assigned a topic for writing the research paper. The students must describe the concept in the research paper in detail and then critically evaluate, with evidence, the ideas presented in the paper. The research paper must be written in APA format.


Utilize these resources to gather information about writing a research paper:




You should consider organizing the research paper as follows:

• Introduction • Relevance of the topic (for managing organizational change)• Main Objective/ Key Question Addressed• Discussion (organize inappropriate subsections)• Conclusions 

Other instructions:

• The suggested word limit is 1250-1500 words.• Should use APA format• Consult your instructor regarding the use of external academic and relevant non-academic references


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