[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Making Proper Eye Contact

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Making Proper Eye Contact


In your responses to your classmates, address the following:

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  • Share any advice or encouragement you have for your peers.
  • What did you learn about nonverbal and verbal messages by reading your classmate’s post?


  • Identify at least three guidelines for effective verbal communication.  

To communicate effectively you must speak  loud enough and clear. When thinking about speaking loudly is when you  really want to think about your audience and the volume your voice needs  to be to speak effectively. Having confidence while your speaking is  key and to do that you must understand what you’re talking about.  

  • Identify at least three guidelines for effective nonverbal communication.  

Nonverbal communication is important  because if you’re smiling like you just won a car during the eulogy then  you have failed in effective nonverbal communication. Your facial  expressions and posture are the most important guidelines in my opinion.  Making proper eye contact and hand gestures are important tools to keep  the audience engaged.  

  • Discuss two areas you need to consider about the verbal delivery of your presentation.  

Speaking clear without rambling is  something I will have to keep in mind. Having the confidence to follow  the outline I have made and the most important thing for me to consider  is fighting. If I am nervous then I tend to do that and I think my grade  during week four will also cause extra nervousness.  

  • Give two examples of moments in your presentation when you might use nonverbals to increase the impact of your verbal message. 

One example is to smile and show I like  the material and find it interesting. The second is to keep my posture  professional and sit up straight.  


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