[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Making Progress Towards Mastering

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Making Progress Towards Mastering


  • You will have your students for approximately 90 minutes a day per subject area that you teach. How will you fill that time? You will create and administer multiple formative assessments each day. These assessments will give you the feedback you need to know if your students are making progress towards mastering your standard. Some of these assessments will be in written format while others may not. Some will be graded while others will not. Each assessment is meaningful and gives you, the teacher, imperative information that you will use to modify or plan upcoming lessons. Create a minimum of one (1) ungraded and two (2) graded assessments for your chosen standard. You may NOT select a KWL chart, exit ticket or bell-ringer as a graded assignment. Each assessment must be original content that you created. Your submission must contain:
  • a student copy that is ready for the student to complete and
  • a teacher copy that includes the assignment, a key, grading information and
  • a plan as to how you will use the results to direct future instruction.

The following content is 

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