[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Maintaining Consistent Verb Tenses

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Maintaining Consistent Verb Tenses

Hi need a paragraph written only 10 sentences in the paragraph. No MLA guidelines used in this paragraph. In this assignment, you will discover that using creative, active verbs and maintaining consistent verb tenses are imperative to creating a clear image of what you are writing about for the reader. For example, if the event that you are describing occurred in the past, consistently use past-tense verbs such as “I ate an old hot dog and became ill” instead of “I ate an old hot dog, and I begin thinking that I am sick.” Consider the way that the original legend differs from the horror films and series that have stemmed from this light-hearted folk legend.  Next, write one paragraph of approximately eight to ten sentences about an event in your life that started out to be scary but ended up not being scary at all or an event that you thought would turn out to be bad but surprised you by turning out to be good.  Focus on your use of subject/verb agreement and correct verb forms; if you are writing about a past event, keep your verb tenses in the past tense. 


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