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Kindly respond to the following discussion post.

250words, APA format, 1-2 references

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The plan to tackle the issue of non compliance to HIPPA, regarding patients having access to their own patient data, included questionnaires to gather where breakdowns occurs, and attacking those areas of weakness to remove barriers and realize compliance. “The study revealed that there are discrepancies in the information provided to patients regarding the medical records release processes and noncompliance with federal and state regulations and recommendations.” (Lye et al., 2018). In the plan we identified and pulled together a team who’s members are in the position to analyze the data, and then have the authority to enact policies. Educational needs were identified, and the managers needed to create, deliver, and assess staff’s knowledge base are also included on the team. The questions used in the exit questionnaire to identify and resolve non compliance are an excellent Quality Improvement tool, as they provide an ongoing quantitative and qualitative surveillance of the issue. As the policies are placed and staff educated, new exit interview should show a systemic progression toward compliance, and identify new challenges that require attention. 

This would be an excellent tool to use where I work. I, myself, am not clear on the procedure of where to direct patients for their records. Furthermore, with facilities having 30 days to provide records, patients wanting to review medical information during their hospital course to aid in decision making is not addressed. I would include in facility policy that includes the HIPPA requirement, of providing records within 30 days, and include a flagging mechanism for patients who need the information on a more urgent timeline.


Lye, C. T., Forman, H. P., & Gao, R. (2018, October). Assessment of US Hospital Compliance With Regulations for Patients’ Requests for Medical Records. JAMA Network Open, 1(6), . 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2018.3014


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