[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Low Prescription Drug Costs

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Low Prescription Drug Costs

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          The American Nurses Association (ANA) indicates that advocacy in nursing helps nurses lobby for their patients’ wellbeing, workplace environment, and communities. They can provide high-quality, affordable care and champion their profession through advocacy. Nurses also advocate for creating a better working environment, improving access to care, encouraging vaccinations, and low prescription drug costs (“5 ways nurses as advocates benefits healthcare,” n.d.).

          Nurses are vital in-patient care as they provide advice and guidance about vaccinations. They are well-informed on the current immunization updates, safety issues, and current data about vaccinations. Communication in patient care ensures understanding, reduces fear, and gains compliance. Nurses safely administer vaccines just like physicians and other licensed healthcare practitioners (Supplemental Health Care, 2022). They are also responsible for safe immunization, proper storage and handling of vaccines.

          Telemedicine enables nurses to provide care in rural or remote areas. Nursing care is provided using telecommunications technology. Case management is provided to doctors, and hospital administrators through telemedicine. Telemedicine software help nurses determine whether a patient requires extra care. They can also schedule tests, or an in-person visit to the clinic (“Nurses’ role in telemedicine,” 2021). Patient education, counseling, care, monitoring, and tracking patients with chronic conditions are examples of nurses’ tasks in telemedicine.

          Nurses also advocate for low prescription drug costs. It involves prescribing generic drugs, assuring patients that the medicines require the lowest copay, and prescribing medications that are used in appropriate quantities to avoid wastage (Schmid et al., 2022). Nurses are encouraged to analyze bills at the state or federal level that would lessen the prescription drug cost problem. They provide expert information on the impact of the bills to committees. Most states with pharmaceutical committees use evidence-based information provided by nurses to develop policies. Nurses in these committees advocate for lower drug costs and better prescribing. It promotes better patient outcomes.


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