[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Los Angeles California

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Los Angeles California

Sandy got arrested for a DUI In Los Angeles California. The limit is .08 and she tested .09. Sandy had hit a parked car with no insurance, thankfully no one was injured. You are her attorney, and this is your most profound case. This is her first offense, as you keep advising her before her court date you realize she is going through depression because of her charges. She just graduated college and made a stupid decision to drive. Her whole life is tarnishing before her eyes. Because of your reputation and skills, she used all her savings to get you as an attorney. She wants to get a job in her field (Social work) but Sandy is depleted knowing she won’t pass the background check. Sandy called the DMV to get a Stay on her license. Today is her first court date and you need to figure out how to fight this without her going to prison, without it being on her record. Without her license driver’s license being taken away. What is the biggest win you can get her. How can this be brushed and what are the steps she needs to do.

Write a 3 page paper. No spacing. No spacing. write it exactly like the font and size of the direction.

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