[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Least One Possible Solution

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Least One Possible Solution

1) Identify a health disparity in an environmental health issue. (e.g. race and access to safe drinking water, higher exposure to pesticides in farm workers). If you are looking at Above the Fold every day, you should find plenty of good examples. It may be best to pick something that is new to you, rather than something you are already familiar with. It is also more interesting to pick something that is new and/or surprising to you. 

2) Discuss the social and environmental determinants of health in play. Consider possible causes for the disparity. 

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3) Identify all the parties that are involved in this issue. 

4) Identify at least one possible solution for improving health equity for this issue 

Minimum 3 pages, double spaced, should be well documented with good citation and reference format in APA.  


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