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Complete the following if you have not already:

  • Popular culture, media, and music.
  • Sex for sale.
  • Sexual coercion.
  • Pornography.
  • Medical interventions for male sexual disorders.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • The limited understanding of female sexuality.
  • Birth control and abortion.
  • Surrogacy.
  • Sexual disorders and sex therapy.
  • Variations in sexual behavior.
  • Determine the target audience for your presentation and the setting in which it would be given.

The length of your presentation should be a minimum of 16 content slides of bulleted talking points as well as appropriate media, graphic, and charts or tables on select slides. You should not include many sentences and paragraphs as effective presentations only include talking points. Important: You must include expanded details that elaborate on the slides using the notes section of the slide presentation. This is where you can use sentences and paragraphs to explain each slide.

Your presentation should begin with a brief introduction to the topic and a definition or description of key terms that will be used in the presentation. You should then provide a description of the issues associated with the topic. The issues will vary depending on your topic choice. After detailing the key issues, you should select at least one human sexuality theory (from Chapter 2 in your course text or other scholarly sources) that can help explain the issues. Also, review at least one related study that has been conducted on this topic or a study related to the topic and one government website. Conclude with possible strategies and/or solutions to help combat the issues described.

You should incorporate media, visual aids, charts or tables, and other graphics to enhance your presentation. You may be able to find these on a government website. Refer to the Government Websites for Contemporary Issues document for examples. It is also important to support your work with appropriate scholarly literature or other relevant sources. Both in-text references (on the slides) and a reference list are required.

The following guide can may be used to organize your presentation:

  • Slide 1: Title. (APA style.)
  • Slide 2: Presentation Overview/Outline.
  • Slide 3: Introduction to the Topic.
  • Slide 4: Definitions and Terms.
  • Slides 5–8: Issues Associated With the Topic.
  • Slides 9–10: Human Sexuality Theory Associated With the Topic.
  • Slides 11–12: Associated Research. (At least one study.)
  • Slides 13–14: Strategies/Solutions.
  • Slide 15: Conclusion.
  • Slide 16: References.

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