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Complete the following steps:

First, pick a culture different from yours.

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Next, select a person from your friends, relatives, classmates, or workplace that belongs to the culture. Conduct an interview (in-person or phone/video call) or research this cultural group to collect information. Be sure to share the purpose of this assignment with the interviewee to engage in authentic conversations.

Students should collect information using the following questions.

Cultural Treatment

  1. Is the cultural group well represented in the U.S.?
    • Research the latest demographic data available for this group’s population in the U.S. and your city.
  2. What are the key characteristics of this cultural group, such as language, values, and customs?
  3. How is this group portrayed in the media?

Cultural Oppression

  1. Has this cultural group experienced any type of oppression and privilege throughout history?
  2. What is this cultural group’s current social standing related to oppression and privilege?
  3. What is the best way to be an ally of this group?

After collecting the material, create a PowerPoint Presentation that showcases all the information gathered from the interview/research. You can write in the first person.

During the interview, you are welcome to enter a dialogue with the interviewee when responses about gender, race, or ethnicity elicit more information.

Presentation format

Title slide – Culture’s name, your name, and Galen institution’s name.

Content slides – 8-10 (Excluding the title and references slides), your presentation should include your research on all the prompts, in the given order above. You may go beyond the slide limit.

Conclusion – Synthesize a summary of your content into a conclusion slide. Which aspects stood out for you, and how did learning about this culture contribute to your cultural competency?

Last Slide(s) – References in APA format. Include in-text citations in the body of the slides.


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