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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Late Assignments Lose Five

Writing Assignment: PoemFor this writing assignment, you are writing your own original poem incorporating modern or postmodern elements we have been discussing in class. Please remember the following guidelines: 1. Typed Format: Your poem should be a minimum of 8 lines, typed. Your poem should also have a title. The title can enjambed (meaning it can be the first line of the poem).2. Editing: However, you must edit your work for spelling, capitalization, typos, etc., to be sure your poem is clear. This will be graded on the rubric. If you are intentionally including specific grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors for a creative purpose. This should be stated and explained in the paragraph that accompanies your poem.3. DO NOT use the internet or any other sources for this assignment. The poem should come entirely from your imagination or experience.4. In addition to the poem, you will be required to write a paragraph at least 7-sentence long, describing what your poem is about (to be submitted along with the poem).Assignments must be submitted by the assigned due date in order to be eligible for a rewrite. Late assignments lose five points per day. If you have any questions, let me know!


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2, Paragraph explaining your poem


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