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Aim: Critiquing advertising (creative and media placement) for effectiveness

‐ Read “Secrets of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns”: Greenwald, Forbes, July 2014 https://www.forbes.com/sites/michellegreenwald/2014/07/10/secrets-of-7-of-the-most-effective-ad-campaigns/?sh=51b7a846320c

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‐ Identify the most effective ad campaign you can think of. It may use TV, Internet, social media, print, outdoor, radio, or all as the medium.

1. State what you think the brand’s strategy was and why the ad successfully delivered on the strategy. Whom was the ad targeted?

2. What executional elements contributed to its success (celebrity choice, ad genre, etc.)?

3. Where did the ad air or appear? Why did the media placement seem smart? Can you suggest an alternative way? For example, if video, was it more strategic to air on traditional TV or YouTube, and why?

4. How would you measure success?

5. Did you find any online buzz to support your point of view?

(2 pages , 12 pt. font) 

In addition, a short powerpoint presentation version should be prepared for advertisements and answers.


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