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Implementing and Sustaining Information Governance 

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By Day 1 of Week 1, your instructor will assign each student an option(s).  Throughout the course we  delved into health information technology and information governance. We know that information governance is a subset of corporate governance and encompasses a wide range of key concepts from a wide range of disciplines. Information governance is the model where stakeholders ensure the investments in information technology create business value and contribute to meeting the organization’s business objectives. Reflect upon the role your option plays in information governance. What are three best practices for each option? What are three barriers for each option? Identify and summarize one article within the past year that addresses your option.

Option 1: Implementation.Option 2: Accountability.Option 3: Culture.Option 4: Continuous quality improvement in information governance.

Guided Response: Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 to 350 words and should explicitly address each component of your assigned option. Post a minimum of two follow-up responses to peers by Day 7. Each peer response should be a minimum of five full sentences and include an alternative recommendation or observation about the RFP or the selection criteria. Include a minimum of one references, other than course material,  in APA format as outlined by the Writing Center. Your three required posts must be on three different days of the week.


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