[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Individual Personas Detailed Characteristics

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Individual Personas Detailed Characteristics

In this lab activity, you’ll be referencing the data you have created over the past four modules about who your visitors will be to your website. Your deliverable for this assignment will be the creation of three persona profiles.

Download the PowerPoint template and Example Persona Profile below.

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After you have opened the PowerPoint presentation, duplicate the first slide two more times so there are a total of three blank templates.

Using your Module 3 Lab Assignment as a guide, create three different users that will go to your website. Then, using the data you have collected since last week, give each of your individual personas detailed characteristics within the following four broad categories shown:

  • Four Key Goals.
  • Four Behaviors.
  • Four Musts.
  • Four Must Not’s.

Do not repeat the same information across all three visitors. Remember each visitor should be unique and different from the others in what their interests are.

Locate a stock image to use for each of your three visitors. You can search for stock images using your favorite Internet search engine.


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