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In this assignment, you are taking on the role of a person who is responsible for raising awareness of the threats and posted by phishing messages.  The target audience is the faculty members and administrators at Adelphi.  You want to create an example of a phishing message that can be used to demonstrate effective techniques used by such messages and help train faculty and administration to avoid falling for such scams.

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For this part, your team will design an effective phishing message.  Your design must include a subject line and a message body.  In the message body, you can use the following placeholders to make the phish more realistic:

  • [FIRST]        First name of recipient
  • [LAST]         Last name of recipient
  • [EMAIL]       Email address included in the message
  • [URL]           URL of a phishing landing page (you can specify the text that would be displayed for the link)

Be creative as you want, as long as you keep the tone and content “business appropriate.”  Remember the target audience and tailor your messages for the target audience.  

If you want to incorporate graphics feel free to do so.  You can submit either an email text (with appropriate placeholders) or a PDF of a formatted message. 


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