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Read and become familiar with AHIMA’s Enterprise Strategic Plan (https://www.ahima.org/media/1smlnkfw/2020-2023_ahima-enterprise-strategic-plan.pdf).

FINAL: 4-5 page, double-spaced writing project; including title page and APA-formatted references. 

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This final, 4-5 page final paper (a rubric will be used to grade this assignment – take a look prior to starting your paper): – should contain a title page and reference page, – should briefly explain each of the 3 AHIMA strategic outcomes, – can be tailored to how you think about the HIM profession (past/current/future) – should show how you view AHIMA as HIM leadership in the healthcare venue-  should connect any new knowledge you have gained in this class (or others) – include any other connections/stories that may interest you,   –  should include references in APA format (points will be taken off if this isn’t included),-  utilize 3 additional resources to support your submission.   

Side note:  This short video may be of interest to you:  Moving the HIM Profession into the Future (4:34) (https://vimeo.com/174407913)


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