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This week you’ll develop a SWOT analysis and identification of strategic issues for the organization you’ve chosen for the term.  Develop a list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges/threats based on the information you’ve collected and researched (in-text citations and references are required) .For the SWOT analysis, do a separate list under each category (it’s fine to use short phrases rather than complete sentences, if desired).  This information typically comes from your personal experience with the agency if applicable, the internal documents you found in the Week 2 Deep Recon, informational interviews, and external research.   External sources can include things like newspaper articles, think tank reports, government documents, peer-reviewed articles, and more.  

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Then, using the SWOT analysis, identify strategic issues the organization needs to address. Refer to your workbook (Worksheet #35, Master Strategic Issue Statement, p. 148) for how to do the write-up on the issue.  NOTE:  Instead of answering all of Question 2 on Worksheet #35, you can address this instead:  Why is this an issue? Why does this issue exist? Is this an issue a strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat? Explain why very briefly.”


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