[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Implicit Bias Often Goes

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Implicit Bias Often Goes

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my test results are neutral


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Biases can be dangerous and deadly, especially when the people who have them hold positions of power. The results of my Implicit Association Test (IAT) were neutral. I scored an IAT D-score of 0 as most of my responses were similar in the compatible and incompatible trials. I believe black and white people are equal and similar except for the color of their skin. I am not biased and do not prefer a specific group of people based on the surface value of their skin. I am not surprised by my IAT results because I know I do not favor any group of people simply because their skin has a particular color or shade. I agree with the results of my IAT test as they accurately reflect my perception of racism. I feel that the implicit bias people have based on skin color is not a collective trait. Some people are still neutral and unfazed by skin color. I believe skin color is just a physical attribute that has been mistaken to mean more than it actually does. 

Based on the Diversity advocate Vernā Myers’ TED talk, most people have an implicit bias of some sort (Myers, 2014). When these biases are expressed explicitly, people are likely to be surprised by the error of their ways. Myers admits to believing that men make better drivers than women. She only recognizes this implicit bias when she expresses her thoughts loudly (Myers, 2014). This goes to show that implicit bias often goes undetected even by the people who have the bias. This is because the preference is subconscious and is seldom recognized by people unless they conduct tests like the Implicit Association Tests or express their bias explicitly.


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