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Our data infrastructure is constantly being attacked by hackers. Network administrators are being challenged on a daily basis to defend their intranet and other systems on the Internet. As a network administrator for Andrew’s Biometrics Corp (ABC), you face the following problem.

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ABC has a series of load balanced Web servers that provide information about the organization, advertise products, process online orders, and allow customers to make payments. These systems need to be protected from denial-of-service attacks. There are many types of firewalls on the market today. Legacy firewalls tend to filter packets based on protocol types or IP addresses. Most recent firewalls can function on top of the application layer of the TCP/IP model and filter packets-based content.

Research a minimum of two industry resources (e.g., National Institute for Standards & Technology [NIST], Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers [IEEE], Internet Engineering Task Force [IETF], etc.) on this topic. (Access the MISM Credible Resource GuideLinks to an external site. for assistance with finding appropriate credible professional resources.) Using the concept of a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and relevant diagrams, explain the design of your network and how you would segment it. Examine various firewall types and select the appropriate firewall to best protect the computing infrastructure of ABC. It is critical to manage the traffic in and out from the Internet and protect the internal digital resources, including customer data. Access your virtual lab environment and create a diagram using Visio to visually represent the proposed firewall layout. Include the diagram as an image within your document.


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