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 Review the “House Call Company” case  2015 – House Call Company Case Only.pdf 2015 – House Call Company Case Only.pdf – Alternative Formats  and consider this business owner’s response to operating his business based on Biblical principles. In your case study paper, respond to  the following questions:

  • In what ways was Thomasson seeking to demonstrate his faith on the job? Where do you see the influence of Thomasson’s faith as having an impact on his decision to rehire Whiting?
  • Can we adequately measure how much of our faith can or is demonstrated in our decisions?
  • Should Thomasson’s approach to managing his business, so strongly focused on adherence to following specific processes, be mitigated by his faith, since he was so convinced that his way was the best way that he had to consider terminating Whiting a second time because Whiting would not follow his recommendations?
  • How would you balance your faith and the realities of business in making a termination decision?
  • Is the expression of faith the real issue in this case? What about leadership style? If the two main protagonists in the case (Thomasson and Ward) both share a faith orientation, then why do they disagree on how to approach the issue of Whiting’s performance?
  • What practices did you identify on which you would express your principles?

You may view the grading rubric by clicking on the link posted herein.Assignment Requirements:

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  • Minimum Word Count: 800-1000 words (It is ok to go over the minimum)
  • APA Formatted
  • Include scholarly sources to support your response
  • Include Biblical integration in your responses

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