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ID Questions: Write as much as you can covering the who, what, where, when, & why for each term. 


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Albany Plan of Union

Battle of Saratoga


Chattel Slavery

“A City Upon a Hill”

Boston Massacre

SAQ Questions: Write as much as it takes to effectively answer the question.

1)    What role did religion play for Europe in the Middle Ages? How did the introduction of Islam affect Europe?

2)    What did slavery look like prior to the 14th century? How and why did that change over time with the discovery of the New World?

3)     Describe the differences between the foundation of the first colonies in Virginia and in New England.

4)     How does the theory of mercantilism help explain for the creation and development of the New World colonies?

Essay Question (1 total)

1)    Compare and Contrast the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. How did they differ and why ultimately did the founders settle on the Constitution?


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