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C++ Project

The COSC-1437 Final Project requires you to write the pseudocode of a two part application. Part one is the same as one of the Case Studies for COSC-1436. Part one is required to complete part two.

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Here is the scenario and requirements for Part One:

  • Submission Requirements:
  • Use a word processing program (Ex: Microsoft Word) to detail the pseudocode for the program’s functions which are detailed below:




Calls menu and dispatches control to the appropriate function based on user choice of retreat.


Displays a menu listing each retreat. User selections are returned to main.


Calculates charges for The Ron Burgundy People Know Me Retreat.


Calculates charges for The Michael Scott World’s Best Boss Retreat.


Calculates charges for the Dr. Cox Presents Man Not Caring Retreat.


Calculates charges for the Tony Johnson’s I Really Don’t Care Retreat.

  • You should write pseudocode for six (6) functions.
  • Submit the pseudocode as a word processing document in Canvas using the filename FirstNameLastName_COSC-1437_Final-PartOne.

Here is the scenario and requirements for Part Two:

  • Reservation will represent any of the four retreats.
  • group.retreatNum will store the retreat number and which union structure will hold data for the retreat.
  • group.retreats.burgundy.beginners (for example) will store the number of beginners in each party.
  • Let’s use The Ron Burgundy People Know Me Retreat as an example:
  • Submission Requirements:

Course References

  • Please refer to Case Study 2: High Adventure Travel Agency – Part 1 as a reference for Part One of this project.
  • Please refer to Case Study 5: High Adventure Travel Agency – Part 2 as a reference for Part Two of this project.
  • Both Case Studies mentioned above have been made available to you via Canvas.

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