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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Hearing Loss Etc


 Imagine how your lives might be affected if you developed a chronic illness (for example: emphysema, asthma, and hearing loss etc.) that millions of people successfully manage on a daily basis. If you are currently managing a chronic illness, you can share your experience, if you feel comfortable. You need to select one of the chronic illnesses discussed in this course and consider the ways in which your life might change (or has changed) if you had to cope with this condition on a daily basis. Then consider your physical environment, daily activities, relationships with other people,

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· Which chronic illness or disorder did you select? What symptoms are characteristic of this condition? What is the prognosis? What particular aspects of this illness may be particularly problematic in managing the day-to-day aspects of their illness?

· Would any aspects of the sufferers’ physical environment have to be modified? Which ones? Why?

· Would the affected individual need to change or modify any of his or her daily activities due to the demands of this condition? Which ones? Why?

· Would the affected individual expect any of his or her relationships (from casual acquaintances to intimate relationships) to change? Why? Do you feel that he or she might need a particular type of social support? Why?

· Does the affected individual feel that his or her social network could provide them with effective social support? Why, or why not? Does the affected individual feel that their support network would be strained because of the condition? Why, or why not?


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