[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Graduated Cylinder Initially Contains

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Graduated Cylinder Initially Contains


  1. A large piece of jewelry has a mass of 132.6 g. A graduated cylinder initially contains 48.6 mL water. When the jewelry is submerged in the graduated cylinder, the total volume increases to 61.2 mL.
    (a) Determine the density of this piece of jewelry.
    (b) Assuming that the jewelry is made from only one substance, what substance is it likely to be? Explain.
  2. Visit this PhET density simulation and select the Same Volume Blocks.

Density Lab (simbucket.com) 

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(a) What is the mass, volume, and density of the yellow block? 

  • First weigh it using the balance
  • Record the initial volume of water in the beaker
  • Drop the block inside the beaker
  • Record the final volume displaced by the block
  • Calculate the density of the block with the data in the simulations
    (b) What is the mass, volume and density of the red block? Do the same procedures as (a)
    (c) List the block colors in order from smallest to largest mass.
    (d) List the block colors in order from lowest to highest density.
    (e) How are mass and density related for blocks of the same volume?

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