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The following are the 3 basic skills that consultants need to perform well in a consultative role:

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Technical skills (e.g., past work in a particular job or field, formal training, areas of expertise, and valuable knowledge or experiences to share)

Interpersonal skills (e.g., communication skills, listening and speaking skills, and relationship skills)

Consulting skills (e.g., initiating projects, planning, strategizing, execution, and completing projects)

For Week 1 of your Key Assignment, complete the following:

Discuss the importance of these 3 basic skills for successful consulting. Then, evaluate your personal skills in these 3 areas.

Create a 3-column chart, title each column, and list all of the skills that you possess in each of the 3 areas.

Be very specific when identifying the particular skills that you possess that are valuable to an organization.

Include a minimum of 5 skills for each area (technical, interpersonal, and consulting).


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