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Introduction: Let’s explore the profound connection between Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ and the historical backdrop of the Spanish Civil War. To set the stage for our discussion, consider sharing your personal connection to this subject. Our discussion will not only delve into the artistic elements of this iconic painting but also connect it to its historical context, offering a rich and multidimensional learning experience to help us better appreciate this masterpiece.


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1. Reading Assignment: Start by reading the assigned chapter in our textbook and the article provided in the link. Afterward, address the questions in the following step.

a. Chapter Reading: Focusing on the Artist’s Response to War, please read Chapter 4.6 on page 609.

b. Article Reading: Read this Khan Academy article for additional. here is the article link…. insights.https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/art-1010/cubism-early-abstraction/cubism/a/picasso-guernica

2. Formal Analysis of ‘Guernica’:

a. Basic Information: Begin by providing the full title, date, medium, dimensions, and location of the painting ‘Guernica’ as found in Chapter 609. Identify two visual elements and two design principles within the composition. Explain how these elements and principles function in the composition and how they contribute to the painting’s impact. It is not enough to list art vocabulary.

b. Medium and Subject Matter: Discuss how the medium of painting serves the subject matter of ‘Guernica’ compared to other art forms like sculpture, print, or photography. Consider aspects such as color, texture, and scale unique to painting. How does the medium enhance the artwork’s connection to the theme of war?

c. Comparison: Select an artwork with a theme of war from the last page of Chapter 4.6, at the bottom of page 617, under the heading ‘YOUR TURN.’ Does the comparative artwork also convey meaning or relate to war? How does the chosen artwork compare in meaning to ‘Guernica’? Additionally, provide an example of a contemporary world political conflict that you believe could elicit artists’ responses, even if it’s not yet covered in our textbook. 

3. Response to Classmates: Students should respond to at least two classmates’ posts. Engage in a constructive discussion by sharing your thoughts on your peers’ analysis and, if needed, propose commentary. When expressing disagreement, it’s important to explain your reasons.

Grading Criteria:

  • Clarity and organization of responses.
  • Contribution to the discussion (e.g., thoughtful analysis, well-reasoned opinions).
  • Engagement in responding to classmates.
  • Use of proper citations and references from the provided articles.

Additional Tips:

  • Please use an academic essay format and cite sources properly (e.g., MLA).
  • Express your opinions and interpretations while respecting diverse perspectives, and promote respectful and open-minded discussions.

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