[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Functional Level Organizational Strategyweek

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Functional Level Organizational Strategyweek

Course: Culture & Organizations

Week 5 Discussion Forum 

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Do you think that a quality image is more important in a region of the world where corruption and transparency are greater problems? Consider: Do global banks, such as Citibank and HSBC, have an across-the-board advantage over small, local banks? Or are local banks able to differentiate themselves and their services from those of global banks? Do culture and subculture play roles in a firm’s choice of competitive strategy? Justify your stance with foundation learning and through research of academic scholarly articles in the KU Online library.

Back up all opinions with the readings and outside research in academic journals at the KU online library.

  • 250 word minimum for initial post
  • Include at least two references
  • Respond to  two learner’s initial post.

KU online library:  https://keiseruniversity.libguides.com/home/home?preview=afb5d66ab3b853fa361847ea7dfda322

Reference requirements:

2020-2023 (Peer Review)

APA format 

Course reference materials:

Week 5 Overview 

Topics:Cross-Cultural Relationships Managed through Business and Functional Level Organizational Strategy

Week 5 ObjectivesUpon successful completion of the week, you will be able to:

  • Explain Porter’s Five Forces model to understand competition within an industry.
  • Distinguish Business-level strategies—low cost versus differentiation and broad versus narrow.
  • Explain Global versus multi-domestic strategies.
  • Explain functional strategies.
  • Explain Quality management.

What are the elements of a good Discussion post?Consider the following for each post you make:

  • Take a position and persuade your peers by including relevant points from the lectures, text and other readings
  • Cite your references to include texts, web site addresses, periodicals, etc.
  • Include relevant personal experience with applied content
  • Organize your responses logically by including:
  • If you discover conflicting points of view in the readings or between the readings and the lectures, describe the various points of view and cite their source
  • When responding to classmates, try to add clarity to what’s already been presented by adding your own experience and/or knowledge
  • Reply to the responses you agree with by adding support or clarifying the point of view; do not merely acknowledge your agreement
  • Reply to statements you disagree with by presenting counter-arguments
  • Always communicate respectfully
  • Remember that the goal of the discussion is to achieve specific learning outcomes. Try to be both subjective and objective in your point of view. It will help you clarify your position and can make discussions more stimulating.

Student reply 1:

Since quality also results in transparency and appropriate rules, quality’s image is more significant. Sustainability of quality is contingent upon the removal of corruption and a lack of openness. Customers therefore place greater importance and preference on high-quality services that are driven by transparency, service distinction, and value creation for them. Due to their larger capital, wider branch networks, and more advanced customer-serving goods, global banks will have an edge over local banks in the particular context of these two types of banks. Additionally, there are appropriate internal and external risk management frameworks that can preserve increased transparency and guarantee the security of depositor funds. However, the situation differs for smaller, regional banks where there is not enough transparency. Because trust is not based on the local bank’s commitment, it has a detrimental impact on the quality of services. As a result, global banks have an advantage over regional banks.

Chekole, E., & Yenew, S. (2023). Challenges of Political Reform at the Local Level of Ethiopia: The Case of Chagni Town Administration. Journal of Somali Studies, 10(1), 9-9–26. https://0624aqzul-mp02-y-https-doi-org.prx-keiser.lirn.net/10.31920/2056-5682/2023/v10n1a1

Kume, A., & Linert Lirëza. (2023). ON THE TRANSPARENCY OF ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN FINANCING IN ALBANIA AND NORTH MACEDONIA. Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, 9(2), 332-349. https://0624aqzul-mp02-y-https-doi-org.prx-keiser.lirn.net/10.47305/JLIA2392426k

Student reply 2:

Good morning, Professor and Class,

The value of a good image is significantly increased in areas where concerns about corruption and transparency are widespread. Maintaining a respectable reputation is essential for companies working in corrupt situations because it is a barrier against distrust and suspicion (Asteriou et al., 2021). Global banks with a well-established worldwide reputation for upholding ethical standards, such as HSBC and Citibank, may have a distinct edge in these areas. Customers may see these worldwide brands as more dependable and less vulnerable to local corruption because of the trust that comes with them, giving them a competitive advantage. However, the importance of a great image is unrestricted to multinational banks (Dang & Stone, 2021). Local banks may set themselves apart by cultivating a solid reputation for ethics and openness within their particular cultural setting. Local banks may even have an edge in some situations when comprehending and managing the complexities of the local business environment, enabling them to establish partnerships based on credibility and trust.

The research by Krupskyi and Kuzmytska (2020) emphasizes how crucial organizational culture is to a business’s ability to survive. It is imperative in areas where corruption is pervasive. Local banks may cultivate a favorable reputation and trust within the community by deliberately matching their business procedures with the dominant cultural norms(Vian, 2020). Furthermore, cultural and subcultural elements significantly impact a company’s competitive strategy. Businesses may differentiate themselves from international rivals by customizing their offerings to match the particular requirements and expectations of the community by comprehending and assimilating with the local culture.

Asteriou et al. (2021) study emphasizes the effects of economic freedom, regulation, transparency, and corruption on bank stability and profitability. This research highlights the crucial connection between financial success and clarity by arguing that sin has a detrimental impact on both variables. Thus, it is impossible to overestimate the significance of maintaining a positive reputation and open business processes in areas where corruption poses a serious problem. Globally or locally, banks that prioritize transparency and maintain a good reputation in line with cultural norms would be better equipped to overcome the obstacles presented by corruption and gain an edge over their rivals in such settings.


Asteriou, D., Pilbeam, K., & Tomuleasa, I. (2021). The impact of corruption, economic freedom, regulation and transparency on bank profitability and bank stability: Evidence from the Eurozone area. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, pp. 184, 150–177.

Dang, T. A., & Stone, R. W. (2021). Multinational banks and IMF conditionality. International Studies Quarterly, 65(2), 375–386.                     

Krupskyi, O., & Kuzmytska, Y. (2020). Organizational culture and business strategy: connection and role for a company survival. Central European business review, 9(4).                                    

Vian, T. (2020). Anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability in health: concepts, frameworks, and approaches. Global health action, 13(sup1), 1694744. 


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