[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Four “ Old School

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Four “ Old School

Upload two examples of ads that demonstrate two of the four advertising techniques described in Chapter 8.

Please do NOT Google “examples of identification”, “examples of weasel words,” etc. I am very familiar with all of the ads that come up when you do that. (The same ads seem to pop up in the discussion forum every semester!)  Rather, look for ads in the websites and print sources that you already visit on a daily basis. 

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Be sure to post the actual ads (jpeg, pdf, web link, etc.), identify their sources, and explain how the techniques are being used in each ad.

Advertising Techniques
There are four “old school” tricks of advertising that are
still in use; these techniques are used to persuade and
often trick consumers:
1. Identification: encouraging the consumer to identify with
real or imagined attractive people who “use” the particular
product or service.
2. Slogans: using catchy or memorable phrases repetitively so
that consumers will associate certain positive emotions with
the product or company.
3. Misleading Comparisons: using vague wording or comparisons
to trick the consumer into thinking a product is desirable in
some respect.
4. Weasel Words: watering down a claim just enough to make it
misleading but not necessarily deceptive.


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