[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Flexible Work Environment Affects

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Flexible Work Environment Affects

  1. Two current (2019-2024) scholarly articles are required. You may also use older, but the current ones must be present. As this is a methodology/design class it would be expected that one or both are methodology related.
  2. Posts (initial and participation) are substantive –250-350 words
  3. Each prompt is answered with specificity and based on the vignette information presented.
  4. Each citation in DQs, participation and assignments will include the page number in the article where the information being cited can be located. This is becoming standard by many faculty so we can do a quick look up if something doesn’t sound correct.
  5. Provide an active doi link OR pdf of the articles are required for each post.
  6. Citations and references are APA v7 compliant for formatting.

For this qualitative research, the phenomenon will be the experience of the employees in the modern workplace who have access to flexible work arrangements and how the flexible work environment affects the well-being of an employee.


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  1. CAT: Class: Question for participation: We speak of theory as a lens through which we view the entirety of the study. In reality one should use a 360 lens when considering and developing all aspects of one’s study. Research through a 360-degree lens entails examining a subject or problem from all possible angles and perspectives. It involves a comprehensive approach that considers multiple factors, viewpoints, and methodologies, aiming to gain a holistic understanding of the topic. This approach encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, critical thinking, and the incorporation of diverse voices to yield well-rounded, nuanced insights. By examining the subject from every dimension, researchers can uncover deeper insights and make more informed decisions, ultimately enhancing the quality and relevance of their findings.

Question: For your study, what does this mean to view the study through a 360 lens? What all does this entail. Be specific.


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