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Theoretical foundations and conceptual frameworks in research serve distinct purposes although they are interconnected. They provide the researcher with a structured perspective through which to understand and investigate different phenomena.

A theoretical foundation, established theories, and principles form the basis of research in a given phenomenon. This approach provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, enabling researchers to make hypotheses and predictions. Researchers are guided by theoretical foundations, grounded in prior knowledge, to interpret and explain their findings (Cohen et al., 2017). When a research question demands theoretical understanding, researchers use theoretical foundations to contribute to or challenge existing theories. In looking at how flexible work arrangements affect employee well-being, a researcher could refer to theories in psychology, sociology, or management.

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On the other hand, a conceptual framework is a more specific and customized structure that guides researchers. Particular key variables, and relationships are specific to the given research question. Conceptual frameworks guide researchers in collecting and analyzing data, providing structure for their work while highlighting gaps in existing knowledge. Researchers often find conceptual frameworks valuable in addressing particular research issues while working within a well-defined domain (Miles et al., 2018). A conceptual framework analyzing employee well-being by flexible work arrangements might consider variables like work-life balance, job satisfaction, and productivity.

In the study on enhancing employee well-being through flexible work arrangements, a researcher may do a comprehensive review of relevant theories in areas like work psychology, organizational behavior, or human resource management. On the other hand, a conceptual framework may be preferable if the researcher wants to develop a specific model or framework tailored to the unique aspects of their study which align with their research problem and methodology. Developing a conceptual framework may involve conducting a literature review, identifying key variables, and creating a visual representation of their relationships.


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