[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Final Paper Research Proposal

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Final Paper Research Proposal

Write a RESEARCH PAPER PROPOSAL on Human Trafficking. My topic is Human Trafficking (Dependent Variable). Look at the CAUSES of Human Trafficking for the Independent Variable. Please use TEMPLATE BELOW for paper. 


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-Use APA format

-Must have at least 5 sources (APA). Must be scholarly sources/research from journal articles, dissertations, etc.)

Final Paper Research Proposal TEMPLATE Below

Table of Content: 10 points

Introduction to the Problem: (120 words or more) 10 points

Research Questions or Hypothesis: 10 points

Variables: Dependent (Human Trafficking) and Independent (THE Causes of Human Trafficking): 10 points

Research Methods and Design (Qualitative). 30 points

Sampling (Population and sample/sampling (ex-Random sample) (size 10 or more) Time period of a year and location) 20 points.

Literature (Research from textbook, journals, and dissertation and other sources) 30 points. 

Conclusion: 10 points

Reference. 20 points

Total 100 points. All sections must be included to avoid deductions.


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