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 What I Know and Need to Know About Child Growth and DevelopmentRisky Adolescent Behaviors and Adult Intervention – Presentation and Annotated Resource GuideAssignment OverviewTAssignment DetailsPerform the following tasks:Part 1: Blend knowledge gained from the Lesson 1 materials with your past knowledge of child growth and development.Use the first part of this paper to reflect on the knowledge (from the course content and from your past knowledge and experiences) you already possess about child growth and development. What important concepts and practices surrounding child growth and development have you already learned? Why are they important? How might they contribute to your future role in the child care field (or other fields)?Please cite appropriately from the text (with specific page numbers) and from your knowledge and experiences (with specific examples) to construct a response that is supported and specific.Part 2: Reflect on what you need to know and to learn in this course.Think about your future goals, profession, or role as a parent, citizen, or community member as such may require knowledge of child growth and development. Use the second part of this paper to discuss knowledge, concepts, and practices that you think you need to know to thrive in one or more of these capacities. What child growth and development-based knowledge would best aid you in achieving your goals? Why this knowledge? How do you hope to gain such knowledge?You should focus your response based upon your individual goals and purpose for taking this course. If you are interested in pursuing child care or education as a professional field in the future, direct your response accordingly. If you are interested in child growth and development for other reasons, make those clear in this as well. Your response should, above all else, be concise, focused, and well-supported.


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