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Assignment 1.

Read this selection of poems: poems–online.

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What did you think of the posted poems? Any favorites? Least favorites? What type of literary devices did they use? Most importantly though, how did they make you feel? Refer to the lesson and use excerpts from the text to support your points. (Mention all poems, not just your favorite/least favorite. The response should be 300 words and include excerpts from the poems as well as references to the lesson.

Assignment 2

  • Read these song lyrics.and listen to their songs: Uncle Sam Goddamn Links to an external site., Piano Man Links to an external site., and Sympathy for the DevilLinks to an external site.

What did you think of the song lyrics alone? How did they make you feel? For the lyrics with accompanying music posted, did the music benefit your experience? Mention all the songs, and use excerpts to support your points.





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