[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Exhibiting Difficulty Comprehending Grade

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Exhibiting Difficulty Comprehending Grade


Read vignettes about different children in a classroom. Choose 3 of the 5 and share strategies for helping the children in the vignettes. 

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1)  Jay is an outgoing second grader who is excelling in math and science. He has been referred for the gifted class based on his test scores and his progress in these subject areas. As you continue to work with him, however, you notice that his reading fluency isn’t developing as quickly as his other areas, and he is exhibiting difficulty comprehending grade level text. You are concerned that strategies for negotiating this will be ignored in the gifted classroom, as it is assumed all children already are competent readers.  How do you help Jay while continuing to help the rest of the class?

2)  Mary, a first grader, has recently immigrated to the United States with her family.  She does not appear to speak or understand very much English.  Due to her lack of verbal communication skills, she seems nervous and shy, tending to keep her distance from class activities and the other students.  How do you help Mary while continuing to help the rest of your class?

3)  Maria is a bright third grader who is well aware of her capabilities. She has progressed through most of the texts in the classroom. You notice that she has begun to forget her homework and is frequently reading a favorite novel (hidden beneath her desk) during whole-class instruction time. How do you help Maria while continuing to help the rest of the class?

4)  Chris is a disabled first grader, confined to a wheelchair.  He does not talk much in class, and he resists becoming more involved in any activity beyond meeting the minimum requirement.  Upon working with him individually, you find that Chris is reading well beyond grade level and his writing reflects above-average achievement.  How do you help Chris while continuing to help the rest of your class?

5) Mark is a bright kindergarten student who seems to almost implicitly understand the material presented in class. He is already reading and writing, when most of the class is continuing to learn their alphabet. Initially, you spend a lot of time complimenting Mark on his strengths. By November, he is quick to point out to the other students how much he knows, and he has begun to put down other children in the class for not being as advanced as he is.  How do you help Mark while continuing to help the rest of the class?



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