[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Excluding Demographic Questions

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Excluding Demographic Questions


Topic: Mental Health Conditions and Substance Abuse in Adolescents ages 13-18

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Respond to the following prompts to describe how you will measure your variables and collect data.

Describe any participant demographics you will collect.

Describe what instrument you will use to obtain information to measure your variables. For example, will you create a survey or use one that already exists? If you are using a pre-existing survey, provide evidence that it is appropriate for your study (for example, its use in another similar study). If you are creating your own survey, write at list 5 survey questions (excluding demographic questions) that you would like to ask. If you are using an existing instrument, include 5 of the items from the instrument (excluding demographic questions).

Now, describe how you will distribute your survey or measurement instrument. In other words, how will you collect the data? For example, you could administer the survey or instrument personally, mail it, use email, or social media to distribute your survey or instrument.

Next, describe how you will analyze your data. You do not need to name specific tests, but you should describe how you will summarize the data to describe, compare, and/or relate the variables. You should use the terms you learned in this course on quantitative data analysis. See the end of this discussion for a brief list of data analysis terms.

Finally, describe the strengths and limitations of your study.


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