[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Emotional Intelligence Would Enhance

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Emotional Intelligence Would Enhance

As a manager of the department, you reviewed the sales report, and sales are drastically down. You decided to attend a seminar on emotional intelligence, and the seminar encouraged you to implement an emotional intelligence management approach in your department. Propose a strategic solution that details how an EI approach can improve organizational outcomes and sales for the CEO.

As you continue to evaluate your role as a manager, the next task to deliver is an emotional intelligence management approach to the CEO. Conduct a research analysis of the company and propose strategic solutions to the CEO of your chosen organization1.  EI and Motivation:

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o  Discuss which of the EI building blocks (select one) would impact management’s ability to enhance employee performance and job satisfaction.

§  You will have to research EI, employee performance, and job satisfaction to formulate your individualized approach to this question.

o  Describe which motivational theory you would utilize based on research to influence the members of the organization.

§  Include how the selected theory would aid in helping to utilize this new approach to manage its members. Support your solution.

2.  EI, Social Skills, and Decision-Making:

o  Explain how emotional intelligence would enhance decision-making within the management team.

3.  Effective Teams:

o  Describe the core attributes of an effective team and the strategies you would implement to develop team dynamics that will benefit the organization.


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