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Module 10 Question 1:  Take two Prozacs and call me in the morning.  Have psychiatric medications made psychological (talk) therapies obsolete?  Why or why not?  Provide evidence to support your opinions.

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Module 10 Question 2:  Evidence-based medicine?  Find an example of a dubious “therapy” technique that is not supported by empirical evidence.  Provide a link to an advertisement, testimonial, or advocacy web site that seems to make a persuasive case for the usefulness of that therapy.  Then (most important) tell us why they are wrong. 

There is no shortage of unproven therapies to choose from, but here is a good list to get you started:  http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/mentserv.html

Module 10, Question 3:  Amateur Psychologist, Part 2.  Having ignored the APA’s warning not to diagnose mental disorders without proper training last week, we will now compound the offense by prescribing therapy without a license. 

Remind us of who the fictional character was you diagnosed last week, and what disorder you said they had.  Then recommend a treatment method for them, and explain why you think that is the best therapy for their disorder.  Make sure it is an evidence-based form of treatment and not a “purple hat therapy.”  Also comment on at least one other student’s prescription and offer an alternative therapy if you think it would work better.  And remember, you need to refer to some sort of empirical evidence to be convincing.

Each discussion should be 150-200 words long

Here is the link for book: https://nobaproject.com/textbooks/new-textbook-aef7ef53-5b1d-487d-9ac0-7ecd3d2c0d9a


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