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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] “ Design ” –

  1. Please watch this video. Be patient. It may be boring at first but watch carefully.
  2. Pay attention to the images you see every day. It can be something in your kitchen, on the way to work, in your closet, in the grocery store, etc.
  3. Think about the video you saw; now take a picture (your cell phone is fine) of an image you see every day that you think can be a “design” – based on your understanding of the video you saw. I realize, you may not know much about design or photography yet since class just started, and you probably have never had an design/art/photo class before.
  4. Post (embed) your photo on this discussion page. If you don’t know how to embed an image, go to the resource module and read the guide “How to embed an image”.
  5. Briefly discuss how the video you saw influenced your choice of image. Try to connect your photograph to design and photography. Go back to the video if needed. The easiest way is to write a bit about what you learned from the video. Then describe how the things you learned affected your choice of subject (what you photographed). In your description of your photograph, think in terms of visual elements (see list below). Try using the vocabulary from the visual element list below (14pts).
  • Visual Elements in art/photography:
    • Line: What kind of lines are in the photograph? Curvy, straight, thin, thick? One single line? Multiple lines? Are the lines creating some kind of directions or movements? Is a natural line formed by the object itself (like an electrical line) or is it a group of objects that formed a line (like a bunch of cones lined up to form a line)?
    • Shape: Are the shapes geometric or organic? One shape or many? Do they form a pattern?
    • Space: Does the photograph seem to show depth? Shallow? What made this (like large cones in front and gets smaller as they move into the back – this creates depth)? Is there a spatial illusion? What about the negative/background space?
    • Texture: Does the image/object feel rough? Smooth? Does it look wet? Shiny? If you could touch the surface what do you think it would feel like?
    • Value: How dark is the darkest value? The lightest? Is there a long range of grays? Does the foreground or main object have the lightest or darkest value?

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