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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Consider Things Like Draas

Let’s say you recently started working for a software development start-up company as the head of the IT Security department and you recently realized they do not have any type of BCP or DRP. You are to develop a slide presentation that includes speaker notes, addressing to your C-Suite your plan to implement cyber resiliency into the organization by developing a DRP. The slide presentation must include the five W’s and the How. This is a fictitious company so you have room to be creative here. Consider things like DRaaS and DaaS.Slide presentation must be and look professional. Make sure the word font, headers, color, etc. are readable and consistent.  Ensure the background color for the slides coincide with the text on the slides. Include speaker notes for each slide except the Intro slide and the References slide. Do NOT make the slides too wordy (no paragraphs or full sentences) – that is where your speaker notes come in. Remember, this is a presentation that you would be giving your leadership, therefore, slides are key notes/facts and other things that would get the reader’s attention and want more information.  See rubric for additional grading details. 


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