[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Conduct Patient Safety Leadership

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Conduct Patient Safety Leadership

  This Assignment is in 3 Parts

TOPIC: Leadership and Culture of Safety

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Week 09 Learning Activity – Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment


Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment

The purpose of this learning activity is to provide you with an opportunity to conduct a self-assessment of your health care organization using a self-assessment tool.

Recommend you complete this self-assessment independently, and review self-assessment responses and scoring for each category.


  1. After completing the “Self-Assessment Tool: Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment” (American College of Healthcare Executives, et.al. – pp. 33-40), you will review the self-assessment responses and score each of the following categories:

o Establishing a compelling vision for safety

o Value trust, respect, and inclusion

o Select, develop, and engage your Board

o Prioritize safety in the selection and development of leaders

o Lead and reward a just culture


American College of Healthcare Executives, & IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute. (2017). Leading a culture of safety: A blueprint for success. IHI Open School.

Discussion #4 (Part 2) (250 Words)

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Safety

As a follow-up to completing the Self-Assessment Tool, you and your nurse colleagues will share the results of the self-assessment of your respective health care organization by responding to the following questions.

  1. Reviewing the total scores for each category, which two categories received the highest scores and which two categories received the lowest scores?
  2. What are some of the factors that contributed to the category(ies) receiving the highest score(s)?
  3. Based on the results of the Self-Assessment Tool: Culture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment, what are the challenges of creating and sustaining a culture of safety in your healthcare organization? What are the three priorities moving forward?

Write Reflective Journal (Part 3)

Separate groups: Group A

The Reflective Journal is a place to write short reflections that are posed during the course in Lessons and elsewhere. These are private between student and instructor and allow a non-formatted space for reflecting about your weekly learning and help you realize how you have changed based on the learning you have accomplished during the course.

Please make sure to enter a “Heading” for each reflection that your are entering to keep them separate.

Please be honest about your reflections as these should be your actual thoughts not regurgitation of textbook content.

Required Readings

Content in weeks Lesson

  • ANA. (2014, Nov.). Nursing: The Infrastructure of Safety (Reducing Nurse Fatigue). American      Nurses Association. (Video)
  • IHI. (2015, Dec.). What is a culture of safety? IHI Open School.(Video)
  • IHI. (2018, Feb.). Who has the biggest impact on safety culture? IHI Open School. (Video)
  • JCCTH. (2012, Dec.). Creating a safety culture. Joint Commission Center for Transforming      Healthcare. (Video)
  • Leape, L.L. (2017). Leading a culture of safety: A blueprint for success. IHI Open School.(Video)
  • MedStar Health. (2014, March). Annie’s Story: How a System’s Approach Can Change Safety Culture. MedStar Health. (Video)
  • SW MGT. (2019, Aug.). Safety Leadership – Developing Safety Culture by getting “Buy In”! SW      MGT.

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