[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Community Level Public Health

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Community Level Public Health

Week 3: Community Level Public Health Nursing Interventions

1. Identify your county public health department in the community in which you reside or nearby. 

(I live in Scott County MN, zip code is 55378 – for the online research, or you can let me know if you need any help.)

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2. List 5 programs offered by your county public health agency and indicate which specific HP 2030 objectives they address (not topic area).
3. Select one program to explore more in-depth. Describe the program. Why and how was the program started? Identify program objectives or goals/mission and vision.
4. Describe how the program is evaluated. If you cannot locate this information, state how you would recommend the program be evaluated?
5. Analyze how the program is consistent with the public health model (Schoon et al., 2019, p. 155).
6. Identify a HP 2030 objective that you feel is not being addressed by your public health agency.
7. Using the resource list provided in the module or another resource, identify an evidence-based program that you feel could be implemented in your community to address the objective.
8. Identify a possible barrier in local implementation.
9. Who would be your community partners? Identify an entity or agency that may be willing to collaborate on this program.
10. Respond to at least two of your group members. Some thoughts to guide your two responses to your peers: similarities, differences, challenges, rural/urban/ partners, etc.


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