[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Command File Hex

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Command File Hex

Project description.

Your assignment consists of designing and implementing a program that will analyze the use of a paged memory system with 32 Kbytes of physical memory. Your program will read the file available for download through D2L and identify the number of page faults and the simulated overhead time as specified below.

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The size of a page will be selected during the execution so the user can test two different page sizes. The data file has 1 million addresses. Your program will accept several records of input data, according to the following format:


Address (in hexadecimal)

Where code is identified by a single digit with the following meaning:

0 – address for data read

1 – address for data write

2 – address for instruction fetch

An example of the data file contents could be

2 415130

0 1010acac

2 415134

The address size is 32 bits. An address such as AB means 000000AB. The program must be written in C or C++ and be the smallest possible code to solve the problem. DO NOT CODE ANY SOLUTION THAT CAN BE APPLIED TO OTHER PROBLEMS (HINT: you can read hexadecimal numbers in C++ using unsigned integers and the command FILE>>hex>>number;)

During the execution of this file, pages will be stored in the physical memory and later replaced following a First In First Out algorithm. Pages accessed should be marked as referenced and those with a writing code should be marked as modified. During page replacement, the overhead time will be increased by 100 cycles due to the disk load operation and if the page has been modified another 500 cycles should be added to the overhead to account for the writing back in disk. The experiment should be repeated with a Least Recently Used algorithm (hint: a linked list or a queue may help you to track the LRU information)

Report your times for page size 4096 and 2048, running under FIFO and RU page replacements.

You must turn in the source code of your program and a short report. This report must contain a comparison of the two possible line sizes. 


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