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Week 8: Thinking About Argument

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Facts are not feelings–

You may have heard that idea, but when it comes to writing, the reality is that it is mostly impossible to write or an idea, even an evidence-based one, that does not contain some of your feelings, be they past life experiences or past knowledge.

The most successful academic writers acknowledge that their feelings are involved in their fact-finding missions.

So, when you are writing an argumentative discussion, it is a good idea to write out your feelings first, and then, make notes on where those feelings can guide your research.

Let us practice that method this week.

Using the topic of your final assignment, share what your feelings were on the topic before you started writing and doing your research.

(this sharing should be 1-2 paragraphs–and do your best here to write it on our MEAL plan–likely you’ll have an example instead of cited evidence here)

Then, in your final paragraph or two, talk about how those feelings guided your research–AND: note how or if the research has changed or is changing your feelings on the topic.

As always, your initial reply of 200-250 words 

Remember: for these postings, we want to stay on our paragraph plan:

main idea

example or cited evidence


Stay objective–avoid first person.


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