[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Choose One Theory

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Choose One Theory

Look for a current news article depicting a specific incidence of violence in your local community. 

My local community where i live in is East Los Angeles, CA

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1. Article can be from any local News source – You should have the link or a picture of the news clipping that you will be uploading here as an attachment.

2. The “Incident” must have occurred within the last 3-5 months. (no more than 5 months ago)

3. The  Article must be more than 2 paragraphs long (the more information, the better able you will be to decide on a theory)

4.  upload the following to the discussion post:

a scanned copy of the article or a link to article 

a very brief summary of why this incident is considered violence (2-3 sentences)

Identify which theory are you connecting it to and why (2-4 sentence explanation)  —–YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE THEORY——


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